Hello! Nigel here! I am so very excited that the weekend is finally here! On weekends, Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Jeff take me home with them. I love going home with them, as their daughter, Rosalie, takes great care of me. We play all weekend long….which is why if you come to the hospital to visit with me on Mondays, you will usually find me passed out on my cat tree or on Dr. Stephanie’s desk.

The one inhabitant of the doctors’ house that I’m not crazy about is “Gracie.” I’m not sure what she is….she appears to be some sort of very ugly cat. She has a long face and enormous floppy ears, and she certainly doesn’t “meow” properly. She spends an unusual amount of time sniffing at the litter box…she never goes in to use it, so I’m really not sure where she is toileting. I hope it’s not somewhere else in the house. Disgusting, if you ask me….

Here is a picture of the two of us…

As you can see, she is a really ridiculous looking cat…but I guess they love her, because they let her sleep in the bed with them every night. Now, this is where things get tricky. When I jump onto the bed at 1 or 2 a.m., she tends to make this very low purring noise. I of course, take this as a sign of affection and happiness. So…I move in a little closer and chew on one of her legs. This usually results in more of these low purring noises, so I decide to swat at and nibble on her excessively fluffy tail which she bats back and forth. This is when she suddenly, out of nowhere, barks at me and tells me to get off of the bed. I mean, really…how rude! Just a second ago, she was purring!!!! I’m very confused. She’s not a very bright cat. I have hope that with time and proper instruction from an unusually intelligent cat, such as myself, she will come around. If only she knew how lucky she is to have me around.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Nigel, signing off. Meow!

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