Hello! Nigel, here. Today I wanted to say a quick hello to all of my fans and give you some exciting news from For Cats Only. We are now offering the ability to easily test your cat’s Vitamin D levels in hospital. It’s a simple blood test that can really improve the health of your kitty! What’s that you say? Why should I care about Vitamin D? Well…I’ll tell you.

So…for starters, it is important to understand that we felines do not get Vitamin D the same way that you humans do. You know how you people essentially walk around all furless and expose your naked skin to the sun? This is the main way you make your Vitamin D. We cats do not have this luxury and must get all of our Vitamin D from our food. Sadly, many pet foods are not enriched with enough to keep us with optimum levels in our bodies. Vitamin D is very important for maintaining the immune system, reducing cancer risks, and helping us to maintain proper levels of calcium, phosphorous and certain hormones. For those kitties that have kidney disease, heart disease or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), the risk for having low levels of Vitamin D increases dramatically.

For all of these reasons, the doctors at For Cats Only are recommending that all cats with the above conditions be screened for Vitamin D levels. If they are too low, there is a supplement that your cat can use to help get them back on track to better health. It’s easy and just takes a few drops in the food once per day.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Dr. S and Dr. J at the office and they would be happy to get you all of the info you need!

Bye, bye for now! This is Nigel, signing off. Meow!

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