Please note:
Our boarding service will be closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Visiting family for the holidays? Need to travel for a business trip? Leaving for a vacation? Worried about your feline family members while you are away? Don’t be. Our cat friendly, cozy, quiet boarding facility is the perfect choice for your feline family members while you are away.

Please stop by and take a tour. We would love to show you the quiet, sizable accommodations for your furry family member.

Our daily boarding rates vary based on the needs of each cat.   They are generally as follows:

  • Regular boarding with no treatments/medications–$23/night
  • Boarding with treatments/medications–$32/night
  • Boarding for diabetics on insulin injections–$39/night

Drop off for boarding is at any time during regular business hours.  Pick-up from boarding is prior to 12 p.m.  If a kitty guest must be picked up after 12 p.m., the cost of another day of boarding will be incurred.

All of our boarding patients must have the following:

  • Rabies vaccination is up-to-date and has been administered no less than 5 days prior to boarding
  • FVRCP vaccination is up-to-date and has been administered no less than 5 days prior to boarding

**No cats will be “caught up” on their rabies or FVRCP vaccinations at arrival time for boarding or during their stay at the boarding facility (unless they are due for their boosters during their stay).

All boarding patients will be given a Capstar oral tablet upon arrival for boarding to kill any fleas they may have.  This is required even if your cat is on a monthly product for flea prevention.  This is done for your cat’s safety to ensure that all cats arriving for boarding are definitely flea free.

What can I expect when my cat(s) stay at For Cats Only?

Our boarding facility is run by our compassionate, professional, well-trained staff. You are encouraged to bring your cat’s current diet, their favorite food and/or water dishes, favorite toys and/or bedding, etc. We strive to create an environment as close to home as possible to reduce stress while they are away from their family. Each of our boarding patients is monitored for the following:

  • Eating / drinking
  • Attitude and activity
  • Urination / defecation patterns
  • Any abnormalities (i.e. hairballs, sneezing) are noted and recorded

If there is an issue with any of our boarding patients, a doctor is available to evaluate the patient. You will be called if we have any concerns or recommendations.

If your cat requires medications or treatments, our technicians and assistants will be able to administer your cat’s specific treatments and monitor your cat’s progress while they are staying with us.

We encourage you to bring your cat’s personal diet. If you do not bring your cat’s diet, we have both dry and canned food of different textures, flavors and varieties available at no extra charge.