Hello, everyone! Nigel, here. Dr. Stephanie and Darla noticed an amazing thing going on inside of my mouth today. They say I have “Big Boy Teeth”. Check it out….

You see how my very impressively scary fangs are looking doubled? That’s because the outer more skinny pointy ones are the kitten teeth getting ready to fall out, and the grown up big scary tiger fangs are the ones that are currently shorter growing in beside them. Check back with me in a few weeks, and I am sure my big boy teeth will be even scarier looking. These will come in very handy for helping me catch the doctors’ toes underneath their bed blankets at night. They love when I try to grab their feet in the middle of the night. Especially at around 2 a.m. 🙂

You may wonder what Dr. S was doing to me when she saw my extraordinary new chompers. She was brushing my teeth! That’s right…BRUSHING my teeth. You think that she is crazy? Not at all. Cats, just like people, get a build up of plaque on their teeth over time. If it is not removed, it can harden and trap bacteria and make our mouths very painful….not to mention, quite smelly! When you bring your kitty to For Cats Only, the doctor may recommend a dental cleaning for your kitty. Some cats have this done twice a year (just like people). One thing that you can do to help cut down on the number of times your kitty needs to have this done, is to ask one of the doctors to show you how to brush your kitty’s teeth. It’s really very easy, and I rather enjoy it. You must be sure to use a special toothpaste for cats. These come flavored deliciously as chicken or beef. Do not get one of those gross, human minty toothpastes. This will not work as well for your cat, and could make them sick.

Dr. S got me used to the toothbrush by doing a little bit each day. First, she just let me lick some of the yummy chicken-flavored toothpaste off of her finger. That was delightful! Then I got to try licking it off of the tiny toothbrush. Also…quite enjoyable. The next step was to just let her hold my lips up so she could brush the outsides of my teeth. I must say, it was very quick, tasted delicious, and it keeps my chompers pearly white. I really recommend that you give it a try! Dr. S said it is important for you to brush your cat’s teeth every other day to prevent plaque build-up. If you would like to get started with this, you can drop on by the hospital and Darla or Maria will help you acquire a toothbrushing kit for cats. Just tell them that Nigel sent you!

Until next time! Meow!


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