Hello! Nigel, here. Lately, we have been seeing many of our feline friends at For Cats Only, finding themselves in the unfortunate situation of being poorly groomed. These unlucky fellows have severely matted fur. It is for this reason, that I am writing to you humans today. I want you all to be aware that we felines need regular grooming…not just for our stellar good looks, but also for our health.

All cats should be brushed regularly. ALL cats. Brushing helps keep our fur looking tip top. This is especially important for long-haired cats who really should be brushed every day. Our short-haired cousins who have found themselves among the more portly variety—or as Dr. S likes to say…”nutritionally overmanaged”—have trouble reaching some areas of their fur on their own and rely on their human servants to brush these areas for them. Without regular brushing, our fur can become matted. These matts are unsightly, but more importantly, they are hazardous to the health of your feline overlord. The matted fur can become quite tight and pulls on the skin beneath it which really does hurt. Moisture can also get trapped beneath the matted fur and create an environment that bacteria and yeast will multiply in and give us horrible skin sores.

Look at this poor guy…so sad. A bit of brushing each day could have avoided this, but now he will likely find himself in need of a complete shavedown. If your kitty has many matts and is beyond the point that a bit of brushing will help, you can always call Tracy, Maria and Darla at For Cats Only and schedule for a Lion Cut.

If you ask me, this poor soul looks ridiculous. But at least his skin doesn’t hurt anymore. And now his humans can start fresh and brush him properly each day.

Here is a picture of my human slave, Rosalie, giving me the attention that I so rightly deserve. That’s right slave…just like that….

There are many brushes and combs available to help you keep your felines fur in peak condition. You don’t really need to use anything very fancy. A simple brush like the one pictured below does a fine job for daily maintenance.

This comb…called a “long short tooth comb” is excellent for removing small matts and knotted fur.

It is very important to remember NEVER to try cutting out matts with a scissor. Many kitties have been brought to For Cats Only with lacerated skin due to their well-meaning owners trying to cut out their matts. This is painful and can cause infection. Most of these unfortunates end up needing sedation and surgical repair of their wounds. So, if your cat has matts that will not come out with one of these simple combing tools, you will need to see a professional groomer or bring them to For Cats Only for a shave.

For more information on proper brushing, you can visit the “Resources” page on the For Cats Only website. There are great links to articles and videos on how to care for your feline masters.

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I suppose that will have to do for now. I hope that you found this information helpful, and as always, you can call on the doctors and staff at For Cats Only for all of your questions regarding the health and wellbeing of your beloved cats.

This is Nigel, signing off. Meow!

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