Hello! Nigel here! I have to tell you about this most amazing discovery I have made. There is is this stuff….this splashy, clear, absolutely amazingly fun stuff that I find just about everywhere those humans take me. I think it is called “water.” And…I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

The humans will put it in a dish for me. They do this at For Cats Only and also at the doctors’ house. I don’t know why they bother to put it in a bowl…that’s no fun. I much prefer to splash and play in it other places. Sometimes, when I find it in a bowl, I just tip the bowl over to let the water out on to the floor. The humans love when I do this….they find it and then exclaim “Oh, Nigel…what have you done!?!” And then they pick me up and move me out of the way so that they can have fun playing with it too. They push paper cloths through it and pick them up all drippy. I am so pleased that I can give the humans something to help occupy their time. It’s so satisfying to see them enjoying themselves. I wouldn’t want my humans to get bored.

At the doctors’ house, I especially like when one of the silver sticks is turned on and the water keeps coming out. I don’t know how it does this….it’s a mystery. It just keeps flowing….as if by magic. I hit at it, and stick my head in it, and even sometimes step in to the big water dish with the hole at the bottom. I try to chase the water and get it before it falls down the hole. Then more water just keeps coming out of the silver stick at the top. It’s really quite amazing. I think there might be some sort of water god that lives up inside of that stick that controls it. Maybe if I bring this god some of my food, it will make water come out of other places as well! What do you think?

At the cat hospital, I really love the oversized water dishes with the silver sticks. These are special. These sticks don’t need a human to make them work. Somehow….they just know when I am in the water bowl. The stick just turns on and sprinkles some of that glorious splashy stuff all over me! So much fun!! How does it know I am in there? Darla loves to see me play with the water. She comes running in saying “Nigel, Nigel what are you doing!?” Then she calls me something….”bad kitty.” I think that is a special human term for pets that are exceptionally smart. I love that I make my humans so proud of me. 🙂

If you humans out there reading my blog haven’t introduced your feline friends to the joys of the splashy stuff, I urge you to do so immediately. It really is so much fun. I am sure they would love it!

Ta ta for now!



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