Hello! Nigel, here!

It is with mixed emotions that I enter this blogpost. I have decided that it has come time for me to retire from my position as Vice President of Hospital Public Relations at For Cats Only. Oh ok…if you want to know the entire story…I was asked to resign from that office….effective immediately.

As of late, I have been showing signs of increasing skittishness, fearfulness and anxiety. I spoke with my shrink about it (you know her as Dr. Stephanie) and she feels that I am just not getting enough attention at my job. The office has been very busy lately….many, many cats and kittens for the doctors and nurses to take care of….and very little time for them to play with me. I have been spending way too much time in my cat condo at night and in my office space during the day. No room to run and pounce….no room to stalk and pounce….no room to back up, wiggle my bum..and pounce….Essentially, not enough activity for a young, energetic kitten like myself. Dr. Stephanie noticed that I act very differently when I am at home with my personal assistant, the little human they call “Rosalie”. There, I am much more playful and happy, purring all of the time….and I have lots of open space to run, climb the drapes, knock stuff over, jump on top of furniture that I’m not supposed to be on, shred items that don’t belong to me…and of course, POUNCE!!!

Because of my frustration and inner turmoil, I had a few unfortunate incidents at work in the last few weeks. I am most embarrassed to say that I may have offended some clients and staff members…and for this, I am truly sorry. I hope that by resigning my post I shall be of better service to everyone as Lord and Master of the Karpf Household. (I have decided that this should definitely be a suitable title for my next position.)

Do not fear for lack of word from me…as I fully expect that I will continue my blog. In fact, I think I will have much more time and access to computers at the doctors’ home. So please do look for my blog posts regularly, and be sure to “follow” For Cats Only on Facebook to see adorable photos of me and my friends.

Here is one of me with that very odd-looking cat named “Gracie” that I told you about. Just the two of us relaxing in the Master Bedroom. She really is lucky to have me around all of the time now..don’t you think?

Perhaps when I am older and have calmed down a bit, Dr. S and Dr. J will allow me to resume my work at For Cats Only. Only time will tell.

Well, I guess that is all for now. I hope that everyone will continue to check in with me. I am certain that I will have much wisdom to impart to you humans in the near future.

Until next time, Nigel. Meow!

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