Hello! Nigel, here! Check out this picture of my friend “Harry”. Can you believe what is going on there? My friend was attacked by this creature in his very own home. Harry was desperately trying to defend his human from this vicious little monster….and then the nasty thing just latched on to his paw! Just like that! Unbelievable!

Here in Florida, we cats are under constant bombardment from wild creatures. Even those of us that live inside all of the time aren’t safe from these filthy little varmints. This is why it is very, very important that you talk to the staff at For Cats Only about keeping your kitty safe from these pests. Most people don’t realize this, but lizards, roaches and palmetto bugs—all common household visitors in South Florida–carry parasites inside of their bodies. When we cats are just doing our jobs patrolling the household, psychotically toying with and consequently violently murdering these pests, they can then have the opportunity to attack us again….from the inside! The parasites living inside of the bodies of these beasts can infect us cats and live inside of our intestines…making us sick. Even more awful, is that we can then pass these infections on to the very humans that we are trying to help.

Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Jeff call these parasites “worms”. From what I have ascertained, there are many different types of worms that cats can get. The two most common are roundworms and hookworms. Keeping your kitties safe from these parasites is as simple as putting a little spot of liquid on the back of your cat’s neck once a month. This wonderful tiny tube of medicine will protect us from roundworms, hookworms, ear mites, heartworms and fleas all month long. It’s amazing really! And so easy!

If you have any questions about the disgusting world of parasites or want to get your cat started on this wonderful preventative program, please call the hospital at 687-1188 or just drop on by to see us. When you arrive, remember to tell Darla and Maria that Nigel sent you!

Nigel, signing off. Meow!

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